Scope of Services

•    Keeping books of account for companies and natural persons;
•    Keeping tax records of revenue and expenditure books;
•    Keeping flat fee tax records;
•    Full HR-payroll services;
•    Updating the records.

Keeping books of account for companies and natural persons:
•    definition of accounting policy principles;
•    establishment of the corporate chart of accounts and implementation thereof;
•    making entries in the general ledger and detailed records (including document approval);
•    setting the amounts of monthly income tax advances;
•    setting the amounts of output and input VAT;
•    preparing tax returns according to the templates required by law and submission thereof to the tax office;
•    preparing obligatory financial reports for the Main Statistical Office (GUS);
•    preparing depreciation and amortisation schemes and keeping records of fixed assets and intangible assets;
•    preparing annual returns based on the information from the accounting book entries;
•    closing the Client’s financial year in terms of taxation and accounting, which includes preparing the balance sheet, the profit and loss account and additional information;
•    handling bank transfers with respect to public dues payments (social insurance, taxes);
•    monitoring receivables and obligations.

Keeping tax records of revenue and expenditure books or flat fee tax records:
•    making entries in the tax records of revenues and expenditure (PKP) and flat fee tax records (R);
•    keeping equipment inventory;
•    drawing up fixed assets depreciation plans and keeping fixed assets and intangible records;
•    setting the amounts of monthly income tax advances;
•    keeping VAT records;
•    drawing up monthly and annual tax returns; 
•    preparing payment confirmations or bank transfers with respect to individual tax dues.

HR-payroll services:
•    drafting employment contracts, specific task agreements, and specific work agreements on the basis of provided information;
•    preparing payroll lists, bills to civil law agreements;
•    keeping employees and agents registration documentation (ZUS);
•    keeping employee-specific revenue charts;
•    keeping employee files along with necessary documentation;
•    keeping records of employee vacation leaves and of doctor’s leaves (paid and unpaid);
•    keeping records of social benefits;
•    keeping records of social and health insurance benefits;
•    drafting financial documentation to payroll lists (ZUS returns, tax returns: PIT 4, PIT 8A);
•    preparing employee annual returns: PIT 11, PIT 8B, PIT 40;
•    preparing remuneration or employment certificates for employees (on request); 
•    preparing cash payment proofs or remuneration transfers to employee bank accounts.
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