Company Profile

We run full and simplified accounting, settle social insurance payments, represent our Clients in contacts with various institutions, including: Tax Offices, Statistical Offices, Social Insurance Office (ZUS), National Court Register (KRS) and courts of laws.

We offer the following specialised services:
•    tax and accounting services: recording business events; keeping VAT registers; keeping fixed assets records; preparing tax returns and statistic reports; preparing annual financial statements; representing our Clients before tax authorities; current financial and tax consultations;
•    HR-payroll services: keeping employee files; drafting employment contracts and any annexes thereto; contract termination and issuing employment certificates; drafting civil law contracts; payroll calculations; preparing payroll reports to be submitted to the tax offices and the Social Insurance Office (ZUS);
•    We update the records and verify the correctness of previous entries. We help with company registration and provide legal assistance.

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